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Key in Success
There are dozens of state-owned and private road machinery enterprises in China. The road construction machinery industry has also become quite competitive, and even a bit cruel. In order to occupy the market, we should not only have excellent product quality as a guarantee, we must also use integrity knocked on the door of users.
“Quality is life” is a trustful belief of Guan Qisheng. He made strict testing standard and reward and punishment system on controlling product quality, invited professional university students and experienced workers as quality inspectors of the company and often makes local tracking and inspection to guarantee the quality improvement. We passed ISO9001 International Quality System Certification in 1998, insist on the management concept of “produce first-class road machinery, build famous products” and have been deeply trusted by all customers.
“Honesty & Credit” is one important principle of our company. Guan Qisheng pays more attention to credit. He said: “it’s our credit that made us running well. We treat people with credit and never owe others money.” We have kept favorable partnership with customers at home and abroad. Guan Qisheng is highly appraised by all friends and customers. Guan Qishan said: “one will lose his meaning to society if he has no credit. It’s my principle. We should treat each partner creditably. As I know a company will fail if breaks its word even for once a time. The leader plays an important part in a company. So I need to set an example by my own action for all employees of the company.”
Guan Qisheng described a story. In 2002, a Hunan customer bought a set of asphalt mixer. Its electric roller was broken in construction. By rights, we could ask the auxiliary factory to fix it in Human. But it might waste the time of the customer. Therefore, Guan Qisheng decided to send technical personal to Human to change the fitting for the customer for free, which had moved the customer a lot. Then the customer squared the account with our company three months ahead of schedule. He said customers should think of the company’s interests too. Guan Qisheng has won high reputation by his sincerity and credit, consolidated the market sale positioning of “credit, quality, service”, established the entity of “human-oriented” and the operation mechanism of “safety, efficiency, development” and laid firm foundation for the rapid, healthy economic development in future.
No pains, no gains. Depending on credit and quality, after over 10 year’s development, Guan Qisheng has made great achievements. Now we have 450 employees and total assets of RMB170 millions. Since 2000, we have obtained output value of almost RMB100 millions and profits and taxes of RMB20 millions. We have been the main manufacturing enterprise in Liaoyang and one of the leading enterprises of road maintenance machinery in China as well. We are the standing director of China Road Construction Industry Association Maintenance Machinery Branch, and were awarded “Contract-keeping & Credit-stressing Enterprise” by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in 2003.
On the inner sides of the office wall there is inscription of Hu Jintao, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, State President and Chairman of the Military Commission of the CPC Central Committee---“Respect & Credit”.
Human-oriented---Pay attention to workers
Guan Qisheng, the Man nationality, was born in Liaoyang, who is 1.83 meters tall, with sharp eyes of the Sino-sighted and serious facial expression in particular. But if you come into regular contact with him, with zero-distance exchanges and negotiations, you will not feel that he has a value of nearly 100 million yuan private assets, he is sociable, acts humble and very kind to the staff. Guan Qisheng is proud to say: "I feel very satisfied with the two points, first, the quality of products, and the second is to build a lot of people say that the character of his boss is better.
This is a charming point of entrepreneur’s personality; personality is an important quality of the entrepreneur’s factor. Some people think that, the more personality people have the much career can they do. Entrepreneurs should possess a personality with a high degree of responsibility, open minds, honest attitude and justice. As a chairman and general manager of more than 400 workers of private enterprise, Guan Qisehng is convinced that the source of strength of workers is the main force in the development of enterprises. It is precisely because the worker’s diligence and hard work make the enterprise production and management being able to achieve significant economic benefits. Our asphalt mixers are sold into more than ten provinces and regions. to revitalize the development of enterprises has not made the contribution . The workers have made great contributions for the enterprise refulgence. Therefore, Guan Qisheng is very grateful for the hard work of the vast majority of workers, and keeps the workers in mind.
"People-oriented, concerned about people's livelihood" is the warmhearted faith of Guan Qisheng for employees. Over the years, he has always considered caring workers as the driving force for the development of enterprises. In order to improve the conditions of worker’s life, he invested 500,000 yuan, in constructing the high standard canteen of workers. During the Spring Festival, the entire staff will receive rice, wheat flour, soybean oil, fish, fruits, and other welfare. In order to create a beautiful environment for workers and an elegant attractive work environment, Guan Qisheng invested 2 million yuan to build a water garden. In every summer, the entire garden is: surround by beautiful pavilions and charming winding corridors; the water lotus pendulum dance, ducks and geese play in the water; willow shaken on the shore, fruit trees covered in the breeze. It’s such beautiful scenery.
Guan Qisheng always cared about the life of workers in difficulty. In December 2004, Wang Jinlong injured left ring finger inadvertently by machines collision, causing comminuted fracture. After hearing this, Guan Qisheng immediately sent saloon car to send Wang Jinlong to Liaoyang Central Hospital, and taken the 3,000 yuan deposit for emergency treatment and provide strong protection for patients. As busy, he repeatedly sent union comrades with gifts go to the hospital to visit Wang Jinlong. In order to let Wang Jinlong have a happy spring festival, Guan Qisheng led the members of union to visit him and sent RMB500, 25kg wine and 5kg soy oil to him. Wang Jinlong was deeply moved. Wang Jinlong hadn’t gone to work for his injury, but Guan Qisheng approved to send subsidy of RMB1350 to him to solve his living problem.
As the market economy continues to develop, in accordance with market quotation and the demands of users, the company adjusted marketable products actively. The economic benefits have increased significantly, the corporate reputation is also growing, and leaders at all levels and users have come to visit us in succession. In order to do solid corporate culture and mobilize workers, in recent years, the company held the Spring Festival Party, karaoke Grand Prix, tug-of-war competitions, table tennis matches, basketball games, etc. every year. All these have enriched the cultural life of the workers, and enhanced their ideological character. In 2003, the company organized the 10-year’s celebration, and specially invited the major performers of television show "Liulaogen", Yan Xuejing, Zhaibo, Zhang Xiaofei, and so on to perform for the company, and invited well-known comedy actor Huangxiaojuan as presenters. In September 2004, the company held the new products appraisal for type 3000 in Qiqihar in Heilongjiang, and invited well-known actor Weisan to perform for the participating leaders, experts and workers. In January 2005, the company has built a specialized 100-square-meter hall as a fitness room for workers in the 3,600 square meters new office buildings, and invested 3 million yuan to buy a treadmill, multi-functional fitness equipment, target boxing, table tennis case, etc. In the daily rest time, many cadres and workers come to the fitness room for warm-up training, which have enhanced the physical quality of the workers.
Chairman Guan Qisheng also attaches great importance to personnel training and introduction. Besides recruiting managers and technical staff in Liaoyang talent market, in April 2005 the company also sent people to the science palace in Shenyang in Liaoning Province to participate in the central city large talent recruitment, and finally recruited 8 Students from more than 40 candidates. In addition, Guan Qisheng attaches great importance to the training of middle-level cadres to raise their level of management and the ability to control the work. In March 2005, he took out 2 million yuan to send the production manager Zhang Kuijia to the "modern enterprise senior training course" of Tsinghua University for postgraduate study. He has also used the free time to learn the cultural knowledge, and had gotten a college diploma and a senior economist titles. He was also been rated as "the first batch of Liaoyang municipal outstanding experts."
In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of workers, and serve the workers dedicatedly, Chairman Guan Qisheng set up a Liaoyang Road Machinery Limited trade union committee in September 1998 and held the third general election of trade union work in December 2004. A retired cadre that had worked in Liaoyang large-size state-owned enterprise for 30 years was elected as union president. The company union carried out the “Trade Union Law” conscientiously, and listened to the views of workers actively to resolve the worry about their work and lives, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the workers. The entry rate had reached 100%.
In order to carry out the work of party building effectively, and play a leading role of Communist Party members in private enterprises, Guan Qisheng proposed to adjust the Chinese Communists Liaoyang Road Machinery Limited Branch to be Chinese Communists Liaoyang Road Machinery Limited Committee in January 2005. On July 1, 2005, five workers with high ideological consciousness and worked actively were developed into the CPC members.
As enterprise grows bigger and bigger, his name has also been more and more familiarized by people. Now, although Guan Qisheng, as the provincial CPPCC member, the Standing Committee of CPPCC has a well life, he has never forgotten the party's policies to enrich the people and has not forgotten to return the public. He involved in supporting social welfare undertakings actively. In August 2001, as a municipal labor model and special model of Taizi River area, Guan Qisheng contacted with two special poor college students hardship initiatively in the helping poor college students activity of 100-model workers held by the Federation of Trade Unions of Liaoyang. In addition to the annual contributions of 6,000 yuan tuition and fees, he will buy some daily necessities until they complete their studies successfully.
During 2002 to 2005, Guan Qisheng arranged posts for more than 200 laid-off workers and migrant workers to the company for building a harmonious society, reducing social burdens, alleviating city labor force, and promoting the re-employment of laid-off. In order to develop the rural economy and support the education and public security work, Guan Qisheng donated 100,000 yuan for the local village committees, schools and police stations.
In a word, Liaoyang Road Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., led by Guan Qisheng under the support of governments Liaoyang and Taizi River Area of all levels, implements the spirit of the 16th Party Congress and the Third and Fourth Plenary Session and the Central Economic Work Conference conscientiously, takes economic construction as the central task, and firmly grasps the favorable opportunity of revitalizing the old industrial bases in northeast to speed up institutional mechanisms for innovation, constantly expand the scale of production and improve the competitiveness of enterprises, push progressive brand-name strategy and increase market share, so that the private economy has demonstrated the strong momentum of vigorous development, and had made outstanding contributions to the economic growth, market prosperity, and taxes paying, employment expanding, and investment in social undertakings, social stability and development in particular.
What goes around comes around. Guan Qisheng had awarded national township entrepreneurs, expert of traffic Road Machinery Association, Wuyi prize of Liaoning Province, Liaoning outstanding township entrepreneur, pacesetter of non-public-owned enterprises in Liaoning Province, Top 10 outstanding young entrepreneur, the Glorious outstanding builder of Liaoyang, labor model of Taizi River Area, etc.
Liaoyang Road Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. had been rated “State contract-keeping & credit-stressing enterprise”, "Liaoning civilized unit", Star private enterprise in Liaoning Province, Liaoning civilization private enterprise, Top 100 private enterprise in Liaoning Province, Liaoning contract-keeping & credit-stressing enterprise, Liaoning credit AAA unit, the advanced system of intellectual property rights in Liaoning Province, Liaoyang security production team, Liaoning star private enterprises, Liaoyang main protection enterprise, Liaoyang advanced taxpayer unit, Liaoyang advanced unit of township enterprise development, Liaoyang private science and technology enterprise, advanced unit of Liaoyang re-employment base, etc.
Our products were rated as state-level new product, famous brand product in Liaoning Province, Liaoning famous brand, Liaoyang famous brand product and Liaoyang famous trademark.
On December 3rd, 2004, the company started to move into 3600 square meters star-level office building that are invested with 9 million yuan. In 2005, Guan Qisheng invested 48 million yuan to build a 26,000-square-meter production base in Jingertun which is expected to be completed in October 2005 and put into use.
Looking into the future, Guan Qisheng is full of confidence and hope. in his mind, he lays out the better future prospects. Liaoyang Road Machinery Limited will continue to depend on producing road construction machinery and also integrate the production, development and production of coal machinery, mining machinery, water conservancy and hydropower machinery as well. In the next few years, the company will not only become the leader in equipment manufacturing industry of Liaoyang, and would like to take the lead in the equipment manufacturing industry in Liaoning Province. Here we wish the dream of Guan Qisheng would come true!