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Development Principle
  It is the special culture of Liaoyang Road Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. It is the core and soul of the whole corporate culture.
  Concrete Meaning
  The corporate development should depend on satisfying customer’s demand and high product quality.
  Morality is the most important element in corporate development.
  Management Concept
  Human-oriented, Scientific Innovation
  Respect Employees, Return Society
  Employee Behavior Criterion
  We advocate: aggressive employee, responsible manager, enterprising leader and sincere cooperation;
  Advocate dedication and mutual trust; oppose individualism.
  Advocate enterprise and improvement; oppose ignorance and incompetence.
  Advocate speedy and strict enforcement; oppose low efficiency and carelessness.
  Advocate modesty and integrity; oppose lying.
  The department manager should set an example and take the lead in the work; oppose bureaucracy and irresponsibility.