· At the beginning of its establishment, the products were relatively single, and only LJ800, 1000 type asphalt mixture mixing equipment and 10T and 20T asphalt insulation pumps were produced. At that time, the production capacity was limited, and the annual output of asphalt mixers could only reach 10 sets, and the production capacity of gear pumps was only 20 sets.
· After two years of new product development and research, at the end of the "Ninth Five-Year Plan", LJ1200, 1500, 2000 asphalt mixture mixing equipment has been listed, of which LJ-1200 and 2000 products have won national new products and national major scientific and technological innovation projects. The annual production capacity reaches 20 sets. New series of heat conduction oil asphalt heating equipment, supporting products of various specifications of asphalt insulation pump, asphalt insulation valve annual production capacity of more than 100 units, the products are widely used in highway systems.
· Since 2000, the company's development has entered the fast lane, the company has new products every year, the production and sales rate of 100%. Newly developed WBS200-600t/h series stabilized soil plant mixing equipment, series asphalt debarreling equipment and other 4 series of more than 20 kinds of construction machine products, only the annual production capacity of asphalt mixing machine reached 50 sets. In the same industry evaluation in 2004, it was rated as "Top Ten Enterprises in the Comprehensive Strength of Road Construction Machinery" by the Ministry of Communications, and was praised by the domestic industry as "there is construction in the northwest and Liaozhu in the northeast".
· In 2004, with the sound of the policy horn of the Third Plenary Session of the 16th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China to "revitalize the old industrial base in northeast China", large-scale expansion and technological upgrading were carried out with the support of the Municipal Economic Commission, the Finance Bureau and other departments. With more than 100 sets of advanced and efficient structural parts manufacturing and machining equipment, it has become one of the top 50 enterprises in Liaoning Province's equipment manufacturing industry.
· During the decade from 2007 to 2017, the company relied on scientific and technological innovation and product innovation to accelerate development, and the key components of the independently developed asphalt mixing equipment were authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office for 33 patents, all of which were transformed into real productivity, and participated in the formulation of national standards, industry standards and group standards for many times. "Liaozhu" brand LJ series asphalt mixing equipment has been identified as "China Chi name trademark", "Liaoning Province famous brand products" and so on. With an annual output of more than 100 sets of asphalt mixing equipment, production and sales rank the forefront of the same industry in China, and play a major role in the construction of the national five-vertical and seven-horizontal highway. Successfully exported to Russia, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Uzbekistan and other countries, for the product to occupy the international market has laid a solid foundation.
· Since 2018, in response to the policy requirements for the development of circular economy and environmental protection economy proposed by China, we have innovated and developed new energy-saving and environmentally friendly asphalt mixing machines and plant mixing heat recycling equipment on the basis of the original products. Due to the ownership and R&D application of environmental protection expertise, the company became the initiator of the newly implemented group standard of "Environmental Protection Emission Limits for Asphalt Mixing Equipment" in 2019, and undertook the main participation in the drafting work. The company has now developed into a large-scale, reliable quality, good after-sales service of asphalt mixture mixing equipment production enterprises in Northeast China, and has now been included in the "14th Five-Year Plan" of Liaoning Province equipment manufacturing industry key enterprises.

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