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Stable soil mixing station (stable soil mixing station) maintenance methods and operating procedures

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First, maintenance and maintenance
1  reducer (device) and electric drum according to the instructions in the implementation of the corresponding provisions. The following are the same as the "
2) Mixer, Aggregate Belt Conveyor, Feeding Belt Conveyor, Batching Machine, Screw Conveyor Bearing, Apply Grease Gun to Grease Grease 5-8 at Daily Start, Open check, put on new grease. The following are the same as the "
3  mixer transmission gear every day before the boot should be a little butter. The following are the same as the "
4 every week to open the drive chain cover, and add a small amount of grease on the chain, each working 300 hours to clean the chain once. The following are the same as the "
5  weekly cleaning of the belt machine and belt feeder tension screw once, and coated with new grease. The following are the same as the "
6) the working conditions of the blender bad, when the pulp pulp to the area of ​​less than 2/3 of the original, should replace the pulp. The following are the same as the "
7) After the work of each class, the material in the mixture warehouse is clean and the main power is cut off; open the upper part of the stirrer, check the tightening of the mixing arm and the leaf pulp, and find that the nut loose should be tightened immediately Pulp off the cause of accidents; cleaning or removal of equipment in the various places attached to the material, so as not to material hardening, affecting the normal use of equipment. The following are the same as the "
8  reducer or electric drum oil leakage phenomenon, the timely replacement of gaskets or seals to ensure that its adequate oil. The following are the same as the "
9  Mixer block on the plate after the damage to be repaired in time to avoid flying out of the material. The following are the same as the "
10  electrical equipment part of the maintenance. The following are the same as the "
Electrical equipment through regular maintenance, both to reduce the occurrence of failure and timely detection of hidden dangers, so as to prevent the expansion of the fault. The daily maintenance of electrical equipment generally include: motor, electrical control cabinet (including contactors, relays and protective devices) and electrical lines. The following are the same as the "
(1) dust and oil easily into the motor, electrical control cabinet and electrical lines, resulting in electrical insulation resistance decreased contact bad contact, heat conditions deteriorate, and even cause grounding or short circuit. Therefore, we must always clean the electrical cabinet of dust and oil, with particular attention to remove iron and the like conductive dust. The following are the same as the "
(2) maintenance inspection, should pay attention to the electrical cabinet contactors, relays and other electrical terminals are loose, damaged, wiring is off and so on. The following are the same as the "
(3) check the electrical cabinet of various electrical components and wires are immersed in oil or insulation damage phenomenon, and the necessary treatment. The following are the same as the "
(4) In order to ensure the normal operation of the protection devices of the electrical equipment, it is not allowed to change the setting value of the thermal relay and automatic air switch at the time of maintenance. The replacement of the melt must be matched as required and shall not be too large or too small. The following are the same as the "
(5) to strengthen the high temperature, rainy season, cold and other seasons of electrical equipment maintenance inspection. The following are the same as the "
(6) on a regular basis to repair the motor and repair. The following are the same as the "
(7) Note that the electrical equipment to check the grounding or zero must be reliable. The following are the same as the "
(8) maintenance, must pay attention to safety. The following are the same as the "
11  In the routine maintenance or repair of equipment, we must cut the total power of the control cabinet, unplug the key on the key switch, and hang out the warning signs, so as to avoid misuse caused by personal injury or equipment damage.
Second, the layout of the venue
The equipment can be based on the construction site of the actual situation for more flexible layout. But before installation, the site should be flat and intact, and according to the release of the large sample location (large sample should be retained until the equipment is installed), in advance to do the support of the various components of the base, The concrete piers of the material supply system should retain the secondary grouting holes of the anchor bolts. But at the same time pay attention to the following questions:
(1) The installation foundation of the equipment shall be selected in the open area in order to shorten the loading cycle of the loader. At the same time, but also to ensure that the finished material transport vehicles U-turn convenient, smooth and non-interference.
(2) prefabricated foundation, to ensure its flatness and size requirements, so that the equipment installed firmly, lap reasonable. Because the quality of the foundation will affect the normal work of equipment and the use of quality.
(3) Depending on the size of the site, the stacking of the original material and the configuration of the loader, the feeding side of the batching unit is determined.
(4) In order to facilitate the loading of the loader, in the ingredients on the feeding side of the set should be set on the slope of the pier, and the ingredients between the units should be kept a free access to the inspection channel, in order to facilitate the operation of equipment and inspection, maintenance And maintenance. At the same time, in the loading slope between the piers and the batching unit should be set up between the protective fence, in order to avoid the loader material on the material after the accumulation of accumulation, the normal operation of the belt conveyor belt adversely affected.
Third, operation and use
1  Before the equipment is put into normal use, it should be equipped with a loader (usually zl50 above loader or several belt conveyors and cement tanker for transporting bulk powder) And transport vehicles, and fully equipped with a variety of materials to ensure that equipment can be continuous and efficient work.
2  all kinds of materials should be consistent with the "stability of the plant mix equipment applicable material range" requirements, at the same time, a variety of materials should be strict quality management, in order to avoid damage to equipment liability accident.
3  measured the bulk density of various materials, according to the total product productivity and ratio requirements, to determine the productivity of a single batching machine.
4  gate opening and grading belt speed adjustment. According to the calculation results of the single batching machine productivity, the speed of the gage and the speed of the belt conveyor are adjusted correctly and the corresponding calibration is carried out. The gate opening is used to coarse the aggregate flow, and the feed belt speed is used to fine tune the aggregate flow. Should be in the middle of the belt speed (at this time the motor frequency f is about 25 ~ 40hz) first with the adjustment of the door opening way to make the material roughly to the silo set the feed volume, and then adjust the belt speed Method to further fine tune. It is not allowed to meet the requirement of aggregate rationing with a significant reduction in belt speed in the case of full door opening. After doing the above adjustments, you can start working.
5  Calibration of batching unit. In the course of the use of ingredients should pay attention to the calibration work. For the same batching machine, different specifications of the aggregate, different door opening has a different calibration coefficient. Therefore, it is necessary to recalibrate the calibration factor corresponding to the batching machine when replacing the aggregate size and adjusting the gate opening. Especially in the use of the beginning, should pay more attention to the calibration of the work of the machine.
6  ingredients unit to keep the ingredients in the aggregate of the same specifications. Aggregate specifications of the aggregate will not only affect the fluctuations in the mixture gradation, but also seriously affect the performance of the mixture. So should be strictly strengthened pile management, to prevent the occurrence of mixed; the same time, the loader hand to carefully operate to prevent the occurrence of mixed positions.
7 before the boot, you should press the "power on the warning" button to show the alarm, outdoor bells after a few times, and to determine the danger will not start when the boot, but also through the sound amplifier to be a warning. In normal production, occasional emergency can also be warned in this way.
8  equipment mix and match the stability of the soil mixture (into the mouth () ratio and moisture content, can be used to determine the sampling analysis method, and then according to the results of the analysis, once again on the ingredients and water supply flow to adjust The
9  equipment into normal operation, should be equipped with three skilled staff, one in the console responsible for the operation of the entire equipment operation, the other two equipment operation, material rationing and feeding status of the inspection work, and to ensure that Belt machine running at any time to monitor, adjust. Find the problem in a timely manner to coordinate or notify the operator to stop processing.
10  According to the number and distance of transport vehicles and the distance between the finished material and paving capacity to determine the equipment productivity, and gradually be adjusted to make the equipment production capacity and auxiliary machinery to achieve the best operating conditions, to avoid waiting The occurrence of material and the frequent opening and closing of equipment.
11  equipment in the normal operation of a short period of time does not produce, should keep the normal operation of the stirring motor, cut off the operation of the remaining electrical parts. Can also manipulate the water switch button of the material switch and the water supply system so that the feeding system stops feeding and supplying water while maintaining the operation of the remaining parts. The following are the same as the "
12  According to the type of material, the material attached to the degree of the inner wall of the mixing furnace of the actual situation, by adjusting the vibration of the eccentric block to adjust the size of its vibration. In the batching process, according to the actual situation of the hopper for intermittent vibration. Through the role of its exciting force to achieve the purpose of forced cutting. After the material is normal, the vibration should be stopped to prevent the continuous vibration and damage to the structure of the batching machine.
13  for the impact by the external climate, easy to wet agglomeration or deterioration of the material, should be avoided in the distribution bucket long-term placement. In the plan for a long time before the shutdown, the kind of material to plan to add to the allocation bucket, it is best to run out after the stop.
14 cement cement in the application of the day, otherwise, the material will be back in the warehouse will be tampered with hardening, resulting in difficulties in the start of the turbine, affecting the work of the next day.
15 loading machine, may be sprinkled material, should be promptly removed in the belt, roller, roller and belt around and below the material, in order to facilitate the normal operation of the equipment.
16. When the productivity of the equipment is increased to a certain value, the rationing of the material with a high content ratio may exceed the productivity of a single batching machine. At this time, the material can be shared by multiple dosing machines; The productivity of the complete set of equipment is such that the amount of ingredients is maintained within the permissible productivity of the batching machine.
17  In the powder distribution system, the impeller feeder and the screw conveyor are more sensitive to the impurities in the powder, so the impurities in the way to be timely and effective removal, so as not to speed up the impeller feeder wear, Mixing accuracy. At the same time the joints to prevent the immersion of rain, so as not to harden the cement board, causing the accident.
18  Fitting machine fence is used to remove the excess value of the material, so when the equipment running for a period of time should be promptly cleaned to prevent over-limit block of material to prevent the normal passage of materials, resulting in leakage or fence Slumped. For the equipment with a broken arch device, the fence also has a safety protection, shall not be removed.
19 Belt machine in the course of running, we should strive to do the belt to run, so that the belt wear evenly. At the same time, the contact length of the rubber scraper and the belt of the sweeping device shall not be less than 85% of the width of the belt. After running and worn, it should be replaced and ensure good contact.
20  conveyor belt running for some time, due to changes in tension or weather plastic deformation occurs, causing the belt and the electric roller between the slip, this time, can be used to add rosin powder or belt the way to increase the belt to increase the belt and The friction between the rollers; also in the appropriate adjustment of its tension device, so that between the belt and the drum to produce enough friction to meet the needs of production. Conveyor belt tension to a certain extent, should be cut, re-playing belt buckle connection.
21  in the use of the belt machine, due to foundation collapse, the bearing load deformation, material impact and installation and other factors, there may be belt deviation phenomenon. If the axis of the roller group is not perpendicular to the center line of the belt, the direction of the belt in the direction of the belt is moved to the direction of advancement of the belt. Line and belt center line is not perpendicular to the tension mechanism can be adjusted by adjusting the drum position to correct the belt. Of course, there are many reasons for the deviation of the belt, the two correction methods can be used with the belt tension adjustment in order to achieve the purpose of rapid correction.
22 parts of the sprocket cover shall not be random collision and removal, so as to avoid accidents.
23  equipment operation, the operator should pay attention to observe the size of the main motor current, is strictly prohibited overload operation.
24. When the mixture is opened or closed, the operator can adjust the position of the truck under the storage bin in order to achieve accurate loading and unloading of the material through the microphone and the loudspeaker. The microphone and the loudspeaker can also be used before the start of the warning, or in the production process accident or accident will be reminded when the outdoor staff.
25  In the production process, due to lack of transport vehicles or paving capacity and other equipment caused by a short period of time does not produce, you can press the "break switch" to make the batching unit and impeller feeder to stop feeding; Pump motor, so that water supply to stop; and keep the rest of the normal operation of the motor.
26 normal production, in case of emergency, had to take all the downtime in the case of press the "emergency stop" button, then all the motor are running. But because the various materials have not yet finished delivery, it will give the boot again caused unnecessary trouble (must be the mixer, the aggregate belt machine and the material on the belt machine all the equipment to clear again).
27 dust and high temperature on the reliability of the control cabinet has a great impact, please keep the operation room to keep clean, while at room temperature above 25 ℃ please open the air conditioning to be cooled.
28  Do not start other motor in the case, you can start a separate pump motor for the site or equipment cleaning.
29. Before the equipment needs long-term storage, should start a separate pump, cleaning agitator, hopper, mix silo and belt, etc. to retain the material, with plastic film wrapped all the generators and electrical cabinets and other parts, so as not to damage the tide, Affect future use.
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