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Structure and technical requirements of organic heat carrier thermal oil furnace

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Structure and technical requirements of organic heat carrier thermal oil furnace
1, the strength of organic thermal load conducting oil furnace should be in accordance with the "water pipe boiler pressure component strength calculation" standard, "boiler shell boiler pressure component strength calculation" standard calculation, the design calculation pressure should be working pressure plus 0.3MPa, And not less than 0.59 Mpa.
2, pressure components welding and testing should meet the following requirements:
(1) pipes and drums, sets of boxes, pipes should be welded connection;
(2) the longitudinal seam of the drum barrel, girth and head splicing must be submerged arc welding, when subjected to tooling restrictions on the inside of the last ring of the drum allows the use of manual arc welding;
(3) organic heat carrier furnace heating surface of the butt weld should be used gas shielded welding;
(4) Drum longitudinal groove weld, the head of the splicing joints should be 100% of the ray detection or 100% ultrasonic testing plus at least 25% of the ray detection; heating surface of the butt welds should be spot inspection, The number of radiation is not less than 10% of the number of joints, convection is not less than 5%. When the inspection fails, it should be double the number of review;
(5) mass production of the gas furnace furnace to do one per 10 (less than 10 units also do a) longitudinal seam welding test board; liquid furnace furnace and pipe, pipe docking joints can be exempted from welding test plate The The evaluation of the welding process of the organic heat carrier heat transfer oil furnace shall be carried out according to the regulations of the "Steam boiler safety technical supervision procedure".
3, the pressure components must be used to connect the flange, should be used under the nominal pressure (PN) of not less than 1.6MPa of the tongue and groove flange or flat welding steel flange, the gasket should be used metal mesh wound graphite gasket or expanded graphite Composite gaskets.
4, organic heat carrier protection of the pressure components and pipe accessories shall not be used cast iron or non-ferrous metal manufacturing.
5, in order to prevent the organic heat carrier in the liquid furnace thermal decomposition and carbon deposition, must ensure that the heating surface tube organic heat carrier flow rate, radiation heating surface of not less than 2m / s, convection heating surface of not less than 1.5 m / s. For horizontal external combustion liquid furnace furnace, should take reliable measures to prevent the drum overheating and organic heat carrier premature aging.
6, with the drum of the gas-phase furnace should adopt the water-tube boiler structure, the descending tube section and the sum of the sum of the cross-section of the ratio of the cross-section of the lead-out ratio of not less than 40%, or hydrodynamic calculation should be The
7, the organic heat carrier supply unit should provide organic heat carrier reliable physical data and chemical performance data, such as the maximum use of temperature, viscosity, flash point, residual carbon, acid value and so on.
8, organic heat carrier furnace thermal oil furnace design and operation, organic heat carrier furnace at the exit of the organic heat carrier temperature shall not exceed the maximum temperature of organic heat carrier.
9, organic heat carrier furnace and return line structure should ensure that the organic heat carrier free flow and is conducive to organic heat carrier from the boiler discharge.
10, in the drum and pipe network should be installed at the lowest sewage device, sewage pipe should be connected to a safe place.
11, the factory finished organic heat carrier furnace, the factory should be 1.5 times the working pressure of water pressure test. For gas-phase furnace should also be working pressure or system pressure to carry out air tightness test to check the organic heat carrier furnace non-welded parts such as flange connection, manhole, hand hole, check hole and other parts of the seal.

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