Product description

Brand: Liaozhu (standard fuel, users can also freely choose)
Burner ignition mode: high pressure EDM + petroleum liquefied gas ignition
Fuel: diesel, heavy oil, natural gas, pulverized coal
Maximum fuel consumption: 1700kg/h (oil), 2100m3/h (gas), 2900kg/h (pulverized coal)
Wind oil ratio adjustment system: can set the adjustment parameters throughout the automatic adjustment
Fuel adjustment: according to the set temperature parameters, remote hand, automatic adjustment

• Liaozhu fuel burner
  Atomized by high-pressure air and oil mixed atomization, it forms a fuel injection cone in front of the injector nozzle, fully mixes with the air blown by the axial fan, ignites under the ignition of the ignition system, and fully burns. Combustion nozzle is our company's patented product, is a high-precision device, the nozzle inside the stem is equipped with a combustion shutdown device, shut down by spring reset during shutdown, to prevent fuel from dripping from the nozzle. When the burner is working, high-pressure air enters the cylinder at the end of the nozzle, driving the stem compression spring to open the nozzle, and fuel can be ejected from the nozzle.

• Liaozhu gas burner
  The gas burner is composed of three parts: the main body of the burner, the automatic control system and the gas valve group. It adopts Siemens imported gas manifold as the main gas control valve, with reliable quality and long service life. After the valve, a high-precision flow control valve is used to control the output of the gas volume, and at the same time, the frequency conversion technology is used to adjust the air supply volume of the blower, which realizes the proportion adjustment of gas and air, and according to the change of fuel, the air distribution volume of different fuels is accurately controlled, so that the flame always maintains a better combustion state.
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