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  • 产品名称: LJ4000 Asphalt Mixing Equipment
  • 上架时间: 2017-05-15
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Technical characteristics
Excellent mixing performance
        The mixer uses a screw-type double-shaft forced mixing method, the rated capacity of 45% will be able to achieve the rated productivity; with the latest concept of synchronous drive biaxial mixing system, centralized lubrication system, imported reducer, and the use of imported bearings Asphalt mixing tank in the boutique.
Efficient screening system
       Vibration screening with fuzzy self-synchronization theory of the biaxial inertia exciter for the excitation source, refined the sieve specifications, a six-story three-dimensional sieve, a unique flap structure, to meet the different types of ingredients, and no need to replace Sieve; control on the reverse braking system configuration, so that parking more quickly and effectively avoid the resonance generated.
Reliable heating roller
       Using four imported shaft mounted motor reducer as a driving force, optimize the design of the material curtain structure, roller insulation materials and stainless steel insulation, the effective prevention of heat loss. Burner using low pressure oil high pressure air atomization, to meet a variety of conditions under different types of fuel use. Unique front smoke box silencer design, greatly reducing the noise on the scene.
Large capacity hot silo
       It has a large capacity configuration of double-layer hot aggregate silo system with an effective capacity of 150t, continuous material level indication, fully enclosed insulation, flash and waste automatic control, optimized silo structure and material door space to ensure aggregate accumulation Weighing time, and stable and accurate.
Multi - stage with cold material supply system
       8 feeding storage bucket, can meet the grading of different pellets, cold aggregate supply frequency control, according to the production setting and matching requirements for automatic speed control, the use of imported reducer motor and high-quality tape, with broken material alarm Device.
Excellence in environmental protection and economic performance
       The machine adopts the all-embracing packaging of the color plate and the special suction system configuration of the mixing tank discharge door, which effectively solves the recovery of the asphalt smoke and the brush dust, and the use of the high efficiency pulse bag dust removal system. Environmental protection work environment; machine thermal system and power system using scientific optimization design, with excellent and accurate weighing system, in the fuel consumption, power use and other aspects of the best quality, saving production costs, to achieve a real sense of energy saving Reduce consumption.
Reliable and stable control system
       The use of high-speed Mitsubishi PLC as a device control system for the production process control equipment, the program completely using EPROM storage technology, the program storage more stable and reliable, zero fault system concept can be achieved.

       Architecture using modular hardware structure, computer monitoring and touch screen monitoring two sets of systems independent of each other, a system failure, another system can work to ensure that equipment does not stop.