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1. Application range and characteristics:
1.1 Application:
LQT-10t-type asphalt from the bucket is my company to develop their own products. It is used with the thermal oil furnace, through the hot oil circulation pump, so that high-temperature heat transfer oil in the barrel heat exchanger forced circulation, through the heat of the three transmission, (1 radiation, 2 contacts, 3 convection) to the heating room Get a stable high-temperature heat source, so that solid barrels of asphalt from the barrel out of the barrel, to the heating tank heated to 110 ℃ -130 ℃ temperature, pumped into the asphalt heating tank to the use of temperature to spare.
1.2 Scope:
Applicable 200kg or 170kg barrels of asphalt
1.3 Features:
The product is compact and perfect, safe and reliable performance, easy operation, low energy consumption, small environmental pollution, asphalt equipment in the field of the preferred equipment.
2. The main technical parameters
Working ability 9.8t / h Note: In the case of guarantee (industrial and mining conditions)
Working temperature 280 ℃ -300 ℃
Working medium YD 350 ℃ heat transfer oil
Thermal efficiency ≥ 80%
Total heat transfer area of ​​125.5m2
The effective volume of the heating tank is 15.2m3
Work car power 2.2KW
Asphalt pump power 15KW
Dimensions 10000mm × 2300mm × 2900mm (without track)
3. Industrial and mining conditions
3.1 outdoor temperature: 20 ℃ (day and night average temperature)
3.2 Heat transfer oil: 350 ℃
3.3 does not include the loading time (because the units are equipped with different staff, so loading time is different)
3.4 in the car's φ540 hole shall not be added on the grate
3.5 oil furnace temperature shall not have ups and downs (the best automatic burner)
3.6 oil furnace operating temperature 250 ℃ -280 ℃
3.7 oil furnace circulation pump flow is not less than 50m3 / h flow
3.8 outdoor temperature below 20 ℃, the output decline, the lower the temperature, the lower the yield, the higher the temperature, the output is also increased.
3.9 The greater the degree of deformation of the asphalt barrel, the greater the impact on the yield
3.10 Asphalt from the barrel time for 30 minutes - times
4. Working principle and process
Asphalt barrel removal device works is: hot oil into the asphalt from the barrel of the heater, the barrel to the indoor heating. The temperature rises above 150 ℃. Asphalt barrels (asphalt barrels by the manual removal of the lid) to the car, barrel down, the order of 24 barrels, and then start the car to run. When the car completely into the barrel, then the door closed, so as not to lose heat. Asphalt starts from the barrel to the heating tank (ie, the bottom); when the heating tank asphalt is filled (in order to ensure the speed of the barrel must be anytime, anywhere pumping), start the asphalt pump, Discharge, when the 24 barrels of asphalt all the barrel, then regardless of whether the heating tank asphalt emptying, you can run out of the car loaded asphalt bucket, into the next working cycle.
5. Installation and precautions
5.1 Installation
According to the working environment to choose the best location, according to the basis of the map to lay the foundation, pay attention to the basis of the track in the car must be strictly in accordance with the base map of the angle of the fight, so that the car can smoothly into the barrel room.
5.2 Use and precautions
Before the use of the equipment should be a comprehensive inspection to confirm the pipeline and the valve switch state is correct when the oil to run, and to ensure preheating, from the barrel temperature rise above 150 ℃. To perform normal operation
During normal use, the operator must pay attention to safe operation, so as not to be burned or driven by the drive chain.
The barrel is designed for 200 kg barrels of asphalt if the 170 kg barrel of asphalt can be installed on the grate in Figure 2, the grate should be noted that the output and temperature changes, according to the changes in production and temperature To adjust the distance of the bar of the bar (A), the distance from the dense production decreased, the distance will cause the evacuation of the asphalt spilled ground. Users should be based on local climate and temperature to adjust their own to the appropriate state to ensure production. (See Figure 2)
In order to prevent the aging of the asphalt, the heating tank of the heater, the heat transfer oil flow is adjustable, if the temperature is too high to adjust the heat transfer oil inlet valve 10 to control the asphalt temperature can be guaranteed at 110-130 ℃.
6. Maintenance and maintenance
6.1 In order to ensure the heating rate of asphalt, heating tank at any time to clean up, to ensure that the barrel out of the tubing flow.
6.2 In order to keep the furnace and parts of the use of good performance, the surface should be cleaned each year, paint.
6.3 frequent observation of the use of heat transfer pipe, found that the phenomenon of leakage to be timely treatment.