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WBS200-600T / h series of stable soil mixing equipment
First, the main technical parameters
Maximum particle size 60 mm
Water, aggregate, cement than the accuracy of ± 1%
Hopper: 3; the volume of each hopper 15.3t (9m3)
Finished silo volume 26t
Cement silo capacity 80t
Water tank capacity 20t
Feeding belt width 0.8-1m
Second, the overall structure
I produced the WBS series of continuous stabilized soil mixing equipment for my factory's latest stable mixing plant products, the overall structural features:
1. Fixed design, beautiful appearance, reasonable layout, easy installation, low maintenance costs.
2. The use of continuous weighing and variable frequency control system, feeding stability, uniform, accurate and reliable, easy to adjust, the measurement accuracy is higher than the volumetric metering system.
3. No liner-type stirrer, continuous forced mixing, smooth operation, stirring effect.
4. The use of industrial control machine to control the production process, ingredients than manual set operation is simple and reliable.
Third, the process
WBS series of stable soil mixing plant work flow:

The different specifications of the mineral loader into the gravel hopper 1, the feed metering group 2 according to the provisions of the weight of the ore material will be sent to the belt conveyor 3, and then by the belt conveyor 3 will be transported to the mixing powder 4, The powder is conveyed from the silo 5 by means of a ferrous conveyor 6, which is conveyed to the metering conveyor 9 by a rotary feeder 8, metered by a metering conveyor and sent to a stirrer 4, The tank 10 is continuously pumped continuously into the agitator by flow rate, and the various materials are agitated into a finished product mixture by means of a stirrer. The finished product is conveyed into the storage tank 12 through the belt conveyor 11 and sent by the truck Construction site.
Fourth, the electrical control system
WBS series of stable soil mixing equipment, electrical control system is developed by our company, the use of industrial computers and programmable logic controller, greatly improving the electrical control system reliability and stability, all equipment can be controlled in the central Indoor to achieve long-range centralized control.
The main control objects involved in electric control are: water pump, air pump, feeder, flat belt, mixing cylinder, oblique belt, said powder stirred cage, rotary valve, for powder mixing cage, vibration motor, waste recycling belt, crusher waste belt , Vibrator, level meter, finished door, animation monitoring, and some control between the use of interlocking objects to prevent misuse and control circuit failure to the equipment caused harm.
The control mode is carried out under the control of the industrial computer and the programmable controller. That is to say, the controlled object is started and the ingredients are automatically completed. At the same time, the computer can display the actual weighing weight of the stone and cement. The cumulative amount of the material and the total amount of the day.
The feeder part of the use of inverter control, for each feeder part are equipped with speed sensors and tension sensors; the use of inverter part of the inverter control, equipped with tension sensors to achieve a more accurate measurement of each material; The pump uses the frequency changer control, the water pump uses the flow meter to make the water quantity adjustment more accurate and convenient, more flexible and reliable.
In order to facilitate debugging, inspection and maintenance, feeding part also set the experimental mode, in the experimental mode, the controlled object to lift the interlock relationship between the individual can start the control object, which to install, commissioning, maintenance brought Convenience.
In the normal working conditions, the supply part of the use of interlocking control, the main benefits: interlock is the quality and safety of production an important means of safe production.
In the cement warehouse set up the upper and lower limit level meter, when the sound is full of light alarm, installed in the lower limit of the vibration motor, for the case of material expansion, automatically start the vibration motor, the powder vibration down.
In the cold silos installed on the vibration motor, is conducive to the screening of the excess stone, the selected stone can be scraped into the crusher through the waste belt, broken into a qualified stone, the recovery of the belt into the mixing tank, so that the full use of favorable stone And to ensure the quality of the material.
Install the vibrator below to prevent the stone from expanding to vibrate.
Set the emergency stop button on the console so that when the accident occurs, press the button to stop the entire device.
Fifth, the main components of the structure and characteristics
Mineral silos large capacity, moderate tilt, automatic discharge, the amount of material adjustable, solid structure. Feeder belt belt frequency control feeder, and the use of electronic belt scale as a measurement system, high precision, reliable work.
2. powder ingredients unit
Vertical silo structure is reasonable, large volume, unloading inclination suitable for the smooth discharge, small footprint. The use of crossing the bucket device, the metering device work smoothly, adjust the range is small, improve the measurement accuracy. Powder metering before the frequency conversion rotary feeder distribution, easy to adjust, accurate. Metering device using electronic weighing system, high precision, reliable work.
3. Mixer
Continuous forced stirrer with a new type of strong non-liner multi-blade long mixer structure, low-speed high-torque reducer drive, mixing evenly, high efficiency, reliable, flat bottom groove liner structure, no card material phenomenon, No cylinder wear.
4. Water supply system
By the frequency control pump to adjust the water supply, work stability, accurate measurement.
Six, the main source of equipment configuration
Industrial computer: Taiwan Advantech
PLC programmable controller: Taiwan Delta
Air pump: US giant tyrants
Frequency converter: Taiwan Delta
Sensor: load cell
Electrical components: mainly for the Japanese Fuji and Germany West
My company to "good faith" for the purpose of enterprise development, the maximum to meet the needs of users, with reliable product quality, advanced technical performance to meet the user's production tasks.
Stable soil mixing equipment products
WBS200-600T / h series of stable soil mixing equipment is my company to absorb domestic and foreign stability of the mixing plant equipment, advanced technology and experience, according to the characteristics of China's highway construction and user needs to adapt to different situations and independent development of new products, Selection of a stable and reliable brand-name products at home and abroad to industrial computer as the core of the PLC program control system to achieve the automation of the machine management and operation.