Product description

Type: Double horizontal shaft forced agitation
Rated mixing capacity: 3000 kg/batch 
Transmission mode: double motor driven separately
                    Two stirring shafts and gears are synchronized
Number of reducers: 2 units
Reducer power: 37 kW (gearmotor)
Stirring cycle: 45 s
Mixing capacity: 240 t/h

It is composed of mixing cylinder body, mixing shaft, mixing leaf, liner, reducer and connecting cover. Additive reserve holes (such as recycled materials, etc.) are provided on the connection cover to facilitate the work needs during production. 
Double horizontal shaft intermittent agitator, with two motors, a pair of gears respectively driven and forced synchronization, smooth transmission, low noise. The rotation direction of the stirring blade makes the material move in a spiral trajectory, and the material is turned and pushed forward in the circumferential direction to form a boiling layer, and the asphalt is mixed with it and stirred evenly. The asphalt content is very stable, and the deviation of the asphalt content detected by the prototype is only 0.1%. Asphalt and aggregate mixing and mixing is sufficient, uniform, good asphalt wrapping, shortened mixing time, filling rate of 45%, can achieve the rated output. The mixing leaves and mixing arm and lining plate in the mixing cylinder are made of high-chromium white cast iron, which increases the wear resistance, and the service life of the mixing leaf and mixing arm reaches 50,000 batches, and the lining plate reaches 100,000 batches. (There are two ways to choose between asphalt entering the mixing tank: self-flow and pump spraying)

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