Vibrating screen

Product description

Number of floors: 6 layers
Type: up-vibration type, double vibration motor
Sieving capacity: 260 t/h
Number of vibration motors: 2 units
Vibratory motor power: 7 kW

The vibrating screen adopts the self-synchronous operation drive mode of the double vibration motor, and the vibration trajectory is straight, and the design amplitude value is generally in the range of 5-7mm. The screen is woven from high-strength wear-resistant manganese steel wire, and the sieve surface is placed in an arc, which can make the material fully tile the sieve surface and achieve greater screening efficiency. The number of screen layers is up to 6 layers, and the specifications are graded, which fully realizes the material screening selection, and the multi-level screening surface also greatly improves the material screening efficiency. In addition, the screen adopts one end positioning pin to fix the other end of the hook plate tensioning and fastening method, and its unique screen fixing form makes the screen replacement very convenient and fast. In addition, the external insulation layer of the sieve can effectively reduce the heat loss of the material during the screening process.

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